Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wonderful Friends

Hey jammers! Scourgebc asked me to put this animation up so everyone knows what an awesome friend Knight Magicclaw is. Isn't that nice? Let's all give a hand for all the hard work put into this animation. And don't forget to tell Knight Magicclaw!
What do you do for your best buddies? What are some ideas to show how you care? See you in Jamaa!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cosmo Stories

These are story ideas from Jammers about how Cosmo came to Jamaa. I hope you enjoy their wonderful work!
Written by Silverstorm
Cosmo was born not far from Sarepia Forest in a eucalyptus tree, born to Helen and Robert Happyjammer. Both praised in their first son, and would do anything to protect him. Sadly, Robert died after protecting Cosmo from a phantom. Helen was devastated. From then on, she rarely let Cosmos go outside, in case of the dangerous phantoms. "I never wanted to let him go." she later said. Later on, Helen was forced to let Cosmo outside. He was getting lazy, and barely did anything. He was lonely and sad, and barely ever focused on anything but his dead father. She thought friends might help.
After being let outside, Como befriended a wolf named Logan Thebrave. They were inseprable and rarely did anything without each other. Whenever Cosmo climbed up a tree, Logan would whine at the bottom.
One day, while searching for a some items to make a super jumbo couch for Cosmo's mother, a phantom suddenly tread on their path. (to be continued...)

Written by aurorakismet9
Once there was a happy koala family that lived in a eucalyptus tree. They had many good times but one day their son Cosmo asked to leave the tree for a walk. He spent hours studying herbs but later that day he went to go home. When he looked behind him he saw a not light not dark but both so he went in it. While in it he knew more than ever about herbs. When he came out of the tunnel Cosmo found in front of him a grey crane. "Who are you?" Said the crane. "I am Cosmo," Cosmo replied. "Welcome, I am Mira," the sky mother, the crane said. Cosmo was welcomed by the shamans.

Do you have stories about the shamans to submit? Email or comment with your ideas on how they came to Jamaa.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poems and Artwork by Silverstorm

These wonderful poems and artwork are by Silverstorm (click on pictures for full size)! To see more go to her blog at theanimaljaminfoteam.blogspot.com. Give her a hand for her hard work!

Water is what started life.
From bug-like sea creatures without eyes,
To sharks with teeth like knives.
That caught huge fish.

From the great amphibians that came out,
of the water to catch a tasty treat,
to the reptiles that didn’t pout,
because they always caught their prey.

Then mammals came on Earth.
Most stayed on land,
Some in water except for birth,
or when birthing a baby.

Some that lived on shore
took to water,
to become something more!
Possibly a whale!

Now whales are dying,
As well as a fish,
who we are constantly frying.
So that there are no more.

Save the fish,
save whales,
don’t put them in a dish!
They are just like us! 

Do you have artwork, stories, and poetry that you'd like to share? Send it in to animaljamspirit@gmail.com.