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Rufistar's Tiger

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Poseidon by Jammer Central

The Starting of Poseidon - The Underwater Seal Shaman

Chapter 1
Long ago, When oceans weren't made, There was a curious seal named Posiden. His parents were Harper and Hiper.(A boy version of Harper ) He wandered across the lands of Jamaa. He was playing in the sand at Crystal Sands doing back flips when he tripped on a rock and fell into the ocean we know now as, Bahari Bay.

Chapter 2
After that fall he was terrified! But he could breath underwater. His levels of scaredness lowerd by a ton. 
Posiden was digging in Kani Cove and found a Trident. Posiden has his famousness in his hand. The Trident, and for discovering the oceans. He reported what he found to Mira. And by then, a long cape grew around his body.

Chapter 3
Mira told Posiden's parents and all the shamans. Poseidon is now immortal and is a Shaman of Jamaa, today. He, was the founder and part creator of the oceans in Jamaa. The other five Underwater Shamans
look up to the creator and founder of Jamaa's oceans. 

The End