Monday, August 20, 2012

Artwork by Wolfinery

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  1. Hey snowy claw, I would like to post some of my art. I will put the picture that I want posted on my home page with every thing I post till you get it. And are you soused to be a monster thing, or a wolf with horns? I hope I can be added to your Spirit Artists! THANK YOU! Oh. . . one more thing ( I hope this isn;'t to much for you.) Could you read the book I am trying to publish? THANK YOU SOME MUCH!!!!!
    Here are the thing you put in,
    That is my animal Jma blog
    That is my book blog! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DOOOO!!!!!!!


  2. Awesome Artwork >< Is that using Paint for the picture of a wolf with a black glove, worn, fox hat and tie? How awesome! And also (Hope this doesnt hurt you), the Snowyclaw kinda looks more like a dragon (Still cool!)

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      1. Yes. I did use paint and she's my friend, Hala11Hala11 (H11H11).

      2. I converted Snowy into a wingless dragon :D