Monday, November 26, 2012

Eevee by lolarocks124

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  1. It's a beautiful picture. It reminds me of a warm summer day. But the words are a bit hard to read.

    1. The words that were supposed to be put there was: May the world be peaceful, and full of wonder, joy, and happiness.

    2. Yep, your'e right. It does say that. BTW, I did answer some questions on wiki answers just to be random :3 Buddy me if you need any help around AJ!

      Jam On!


  2. P.S. Well, it was originally supposed to say that. But then my friend messed it up and she put this: Make the impossible Possible. Friends for Change.

    Oh well, it had to stay permanent. It gave me two choices: to keep it that way, or to delete the entire thing. I got freaked out, so I didn't complain about it to my friend anymore. I kept my mouth shut... Well, that was a gigantic stinker..

    Oh well.... Jam On!