Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friendship by Fufu9

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  1. I love that orange fox in the corner, I think you did a GREAT job with the eyes!


  2. Been since a long time when I commented... And great drawing!

  3. Very inspiring... I love the animal's designs!

  4. I love the Zios symbol and the inspiring note next to it! But doesn't Mira represent night and Zios day?


  5. Hi, Fufu9 here! Thanks for the nice comments ShadowCharizard, Windstorm592, bunnyrockerzrock, and KKat Notes! And to answer the question KKat, I was going to do Mira, but it was hard trying to sketch her, and I couldn't find a good picture of her statue. So I put Zios there instead, hope that answers your question! Again, thanks. Happy Jamming!

  6. The account name isn't my real name....

    no offence but that zios doesn't look real! i meant its so good that it doesnt look real!