Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Art by Wikabog

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  1. Interesting. I like the top one.


    1. I'm not sure if you're talking about the video,orthe Christmas drawing,but either way,thanks! :D

  2. I like the first one only. What’s the point of the last two? Are you depressed and want to bring other people down too?

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    2. I do not appreciate your comments about my artwork. I'm glad you liked the first 2,but your comments about the others were very rude.
      It's called "vent art." I'm not trying to bring others down,I'm trying to express emotion through my art.
      The "Give me a Reason" drawing reflects the dakrest moment in my life,and how I was able to move on from this.
      "World so Cold" is based off of my character Benjamin, and his backstory. His story is partly based off of the Warriors Series,meaning it involves rougue cats,and plenty of hardship and pain. Ben lost the one he loved,and he can't bear the fact.
      Hence "Livin in a World so Cold,Counting the days,since you've gone away,you've gone away,from me."
      The very last one,Time that Remains reflects off of my other two characters story,when one of their beloved kits gets very ill,and almost loses his life because of this.
      I'm not sure what gave you the urge to write a rude comment,but artists don't like it when you give them feedback that is negative,and isn't any type of crit.
      Art is a way to express yourself,and your emotions.
      Also,I do not appreciate you accusing me of being depressed. Just because I draw with a darker sense,doesn't mean I am depressed.
      Plus,no artist wants to bring others down to the point where they are too depressed.They only want them to have a small sense of pain and emotion,to create an impact on them. Then they just want them to move on with their lives,unhurt.
      Thanks for understanding.

    3. Sorry if I offended you, but it's my opinion that the last two feel really "dark". I understand now that they have a story behind them and why you drew them. Sometimes people need to know the story behind a piece to understand it. Otherwise it could be misinterpreted by others.

      Even if you receive negative feedback it does not mean you have to overreact and make false assumptions. First, I never accused you of being depressed. Second, I am not a kid that is obsessed with mainstream pop. Third, I never said to stop drawing. I am a 20 year old that is open to all forms of music. Take criticism with a more professional manner next time. It won’t always be positive you know.

      I too am an artist and I wish you the best of luck with your art. Never stop drawing!

    4. Alright,first off,sorry for the false accusations. Normally when I get negative feedback on my drawings/animations,it's usually someone trolling me. I'm not used to people giving me negative feedback to help me,or becuase they don't understand the drawing,just becase of how many art trolls are out there.DX it's sad,actually.
      Second,Yeah,I understand that it was a bit foolish of me to make accusations like that. I guess it's mainly bacause most of the trolls out there happen to be either a little kid,or someone who is just trying to cause trouble. And if it's a little kid,all they ever listen to is pop,and when it comes to rock music,they don't get it.(And these drawings were based off of rock music.)
      You did ask if I was depressed,and I misunderstood.
      And yes,of course I know that all feedback will not be positive,I've already dealt with my share of negative,some of it being from my friends. DX
      And nope,I'll never stop,I've already improved alot,in just a year! And thank you for the luck,sorry for this misunderstanding! ^^U

  3. Wow. All of them are amazing. The other 3 are very emotinal and have a great scene ^.^ Thanks for sharing your artwork!

  4. These are amazing I have no idea why people wouldn't like them. Haters gonna hate but just remember, what someone said in snowy's blog... (Definition of haters : ppl who love u the most) stay true forever and always. <3

  5. @Purl123
    Thank you! :'D
    Yeah,that;s what I was going for! :'D
    Thanks! And yes,agreed.
    Haters gonna hate,and potatoes gonna potate. XD

  6. Your artwork is great! and really emotional I love them