Friday, December 28, 2012

Artwork by Snowyleopardfur

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  1. Awesome! Awesome! I love how you drew the black cat creature. Also the last picture of the cat and Greely, I can only imagine the conversation they are having. The expressions on their faces are like-
    Cat: "Do you even know what am talking about?" Greely: ", not really...."

    lol I love it! great job!

  2. Cool! I have seen the Greely one in the art thing on the Jamaa Township on the news board thing, with the calender if you have any idea what I talking about...


  3. Yeah but I don't think it's possible that you can get three artworks into the Jammer Central.. are you sure they're yours? I've seen all three of them in the Jammer Central.

    1. I'm just kidding, they're probably yours.. XD

    2. OMG! I saw all three in Jammer Central too! They can't all be Snowyleopardsfur's work. That’s impossible that aj would pick three of the same persons work. I sent in pics 4 times and was never picked. it's really hard to get picked.
      This is so shameful, stealing some ones work and calling it your own. Pitiful...

  4. Yeah I agree, it isn't good at all. :(