Monday, August 19, 2013

Art by Wikabog

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  1. Wow, these are great! I especially like the shading on the first one...


  2. Well, hello there! Shall I make a critique? Well, I'm going to do one anyway...

    I really like the shading you have for your technique of drawing. I see you draw them facing forward more often than to the side. I on the other hand draw then facing sideways. You capture a cat's round/triangle shaped head somewhat good. I see you are a fan of long hair but I tend to be more natural with short hair. You have many colors I see, some are which unnatural, like green, blue and yellow. Your eyes are unusual... That's all I have to say. I'll have some pictures up soon! It would be nice if you could look at them!

  3. @Snowflake TinyWolf
    I thank you and appreciate the Critique, but many of the drawings featured here are becoming rather old. The first and last one are aging by the minute, though I will attempt to response to your Critique regardless. ^.^

    - When you say that most of my drawings face forwards rather than sideways, you are most definitely incorrect. What you see here is a small sample of my creations, and if you were to take a sneak-peek on my DeviantART Profile, you'd see a much different atmosphere. For the record, I must go on in saying that you don't see the majority of the Artwork I craft here, for various Mature Content Warnings, and when I say that, I mean the Blood/Gore Factor.

    - I do draw cats with long hair, the majority of them being my old Characters that wouldn't look correct with short hair. Blaze, as shown above in the Blue-Shades is nearly impossible to drawing without his Bangs. Wade would look terrible without his!

    - Yes, many of the colors actually correspond with the Character in questions story. Lets take Password, the Radioactive-Green Tom. He was once a natural, sandy shade of Brown, with handsome green eyes. That was, until he was caught by Scientists while trying to protect his love, Dusk. (The Blue and Yellow She-cat.) He was tested on, and of course, that changed his overall appearance. it is true that he eventually escaped the Lab, on the very night that he was supposed to be exterminated, though in doing this, he would never be the same, innocent and handsome Tom again. Wade, on the other hand is a bit different. His design is based from an Idol of mine, Adam Gontier, the Ex-Lead Singer of Three Days Grace. I took his jet-black hair and blue eyes, and added other details which are not on Adam's physical appearance, such as the Purple and Pink "Life Starts Now" colors, and even his name- "Wade." Adam Wade Gontier.

    -I believe that the only "unusual" aspect of the eyes is the pupil, and Password's Lab-tested eyes, which are supposed to be horror-themed and odd. My Realism Style is much different from my regular, of course, and looks much more natural for that of a cat. Not everything must be Realistic, of course! :)

    Thanks for the Critique! :)

  4. I REALLY love your art! *o* Your style is amazing! So unique, too! 8D

  5. I follow you on Youtube :) I love your art its so cool! I especially love watching your speed paints! Your shading is so epic! I also use paint, but I just cant figure out how to shade that epically! :D

  6. wow... those are great drawings! I love your style.

  7. Awesome like always! Though the colours seem too bright >_<

  8. @Purl123
    Too bright? I can understand that on the Marker piece of my Character Blaze, for my Scanner added extra yet intended brightness to express the colors of the summer season, but the companion drawings? I don't think so, for this is before I had purchased a package of Prismacolors, which are in fact much more bright than the cheap ones I used for these. >.< Thank you, anyhow! ^.^