Monday, August 19, 2013

Artwork by Podward

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  1. That's a great raccoon! I like the stripes on the tail :D


  2. I see... an Epic Raccoon! Nice job! Specially love the paws :D

  3. Oh yay! I am so glad everyone enjoyed my artwork!

    Thanks to Proven, Snowyclaw, and Rockchic66 for helping me get the idea for this art! And thanks for your comment about the tail, ShadowCharizard! I was very proud of myself for that feature, and love it ,too!

    thank you DragonWolf70, for calling it epic!
    Haha! and love your Profile Pic, bunnyrockerzrock! thanks! (also a very cool user!)

    Thank you so much everyone! Lets all meet up sometime on AJ!

    And thanks for actually being able to tell what it was ^.^

    Thanks again X 100,000,000! ~~~ Podward (